Push Vs Pull Marketing The Old Age Battle That Now Has a Clear Winner


If you haven’t read Jab Jab Jab right hook by the social media hot shot Gary Vaynerchuk then this is the first thing you need to write on your Christmas list (ok, it is a little early for that) but there are a few epiphanies that stand out more than ever in the new age of digital marketing.

Let’s start by looking at the elephant in the room.

‘Push marketing has not been injured in this digital age. No it has been flat out destroyed’

Torn to shreds and arriving in a million pieces; the wheels have finally fallen off the push marketing wagon. Companies shouting louder than the next company about why they are better is just not as effective anymore … if they don’t have their creative angle figured out.

When you start to think of all your marketing in funnels. It makes it a lot easier to visualise where someone is in the process of buying your product or service and cater for their needs that way. Rather than just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.


Advanced Tip: As suggested in the E-myth by Michael Gerber the best indicator of setting your business up to succeed is looking at if you could franchise your company as it stands. This means turning it into efficient and reliable systems that could be rinsed and repeated. You can then also turn each section into a system and work out conversion rates for each part of your funnel to find the optimal system for your pull marketing to operate in.

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Recording Sound for Video

Recording Sound for Video – A Definitive Guide

We thought it was time to post a technical article for those that may be interested or would like to know a little more about how we go about recording sound with video.

This is often quite daunting for newcomers or those who are just starting with the technique of ‘double heading’ when shooting on DSLRs or similar camera technology. By the way ‘Double Heading’ is simply an industry term for simultaneously recording video and sound on separate systems i.e. a camera and a sound recorder.

So why is it necessary to do this? Well the technique dates back to the earliest days of sound with film. Obviously film cameras were (usually) incapable of recording sound, (until the invention of optical recording and magnetic edge ‘stripes’) so a separate audio recorder was required on location. The arrival of sound in film also required some form of ‘slating’ to effectively mark the starting point of a take in both vision and sound simultaneously and so, the clapperboard was born.


Today many film makers continue to use double heading techniques and it is still common practice on productions using state-of-the-art camera technology that is equipped with high quality integrated audio recording. In this case filmmakers will ‘go double headed’ for audio backup purposes.

In this article we are considering the importance of double heading with the perennially popular DSLRs. These cameras are very common on many, if not all productions intended primarily for web distribution and they can provide extremely high quality results.

However, many serious DSLR shooters will need to consider double heading as the audio recording facilities on these cameras are somewhat less than ideal. They offer minimal control, quite low quality input pre-amps and non-pro connectivity and there is no phantom power for capacitor mics.

Kit Items Required


H4N Recorder

The Zoom H4N Recorder

Today there are many portable, digital sound recorders available that have been specifically designed for this purpose. The Zoom H4N has been a very popular model for at least four years.

The recorder needs to offer ‘balanced’ mic inputs on three pin XLR connectors. It should be able to provide 48V phantom power. Adjustable bit depth and sample rate is important too and the latter is particular important here as it relates directly to sync locking. The industry standard sample rate for sound with video is 48KHz. Many sound recordists will want the option to record in uncompressed WAV format and even ‘broadcast WAV’ which embeds a lot more meta data such as SMPTE timecode.



The rode NTG1 is a very popular gun mic

At least two good radio mic sets will be a real boon to any filmmaker. They are often an essential item on our own shoots.

A good riffle mic for ambiance, wild track and fill recoding. There are many available ranging from a few hundred pounds to many thousand.

Field Mixer


Sound Devices 302 mixer – a very high quality and popular machine.

This is probably one of the more contentious items and can often be one of the most expensive items in the audio kit. However, many pros will want to work with a field mixer to provide the best quality ‘front end’ for all of their input sources. It also increases the number of possible input sources (or mics) that can be connected to your two channel audio recorder.

Setting Up

This is usually where most inexperienced people will make mistakes. If you are running a complex system with mixer and recorder it is very important to know how to ‘line up’ all of the gear in your audio chain and manage its overall ‘gain profile’ correctly in order to avoid clipping and excessive levels.

The industry standard (BBC) for broadcast safe audio stipulates a maximum peak level of -10dB on the new dBFS scale, which is common to all digital equipment. Line up is carried out such that an analogue test tone at 0dB from the mixer is correlated with -18dBFS on your recorders’ meters. This ‘profile’ will give you loads of safe ‘head room’ thus reducing the risk of clipping on unexpected peaks and transients.

Don’t forget to make use of ‘limiters’ if you can – but try to avoid dynamic compression, as this cannot be undone in post.

It is important to remember to record wild track. This is basically a recording of the natural ambiance of a setting or environment, which is then laid up with your other sound track components such as dialogue, which may have been recorded at very close range. Wild track adds depth and naturalistic ambiance to your audio and it is an essential part of a drama or feature film soundtrack. Remember that even when recording in an environment which is ostensibly silent such as a still open landscape you will still need to capture ‘air noise’. The renowned Manchester Recording Engineer Martin Hannet referred to this as a ‘recording of silence’.

In summary

Record encoding: WAV 16bit at 48KHz

Peak Level at approx. -10dBFS

Line up 0dB to -18dBFS if using old analogue mixers.

0dB should correspond to number 4 on the old BBC style PPM meter (white numbers on a black background).

Always record wild track

Low ‘noise-floor’ margin: BBC practice stipulates that minimum audio levels should just be above the system noise floor. On a high sensitivity dBFS meter you should be able to calibrate for this as system noise will register typically in the -30dB range.

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Authenticity is Not a Goal It’s a Minimum Requirement



Netsen social research has seen that trust in politicians has fallen to an all time low. From 38% in 1987 to 18% in the present day wide spread public trust has been lost. Now we could all argue about X,Y Z reasons why this has happened. But it is indisputable that one of the foremost reasons is authenticity.

What is authenticity? It’s what your company truly believes, the core values or what Jesse Eisenberg calls “emotional truth and resonance”

That means for clients to develop a long term relationship you need to show the business as it is. This is where companies get a little mixed up. Some businesses would thrive if they would just simply be authentic as a pose to being wrapped up in the mask of industry norms.

Industry norms rob the company of it’s individuality. By formatting you marketing like the next guy in your industry you have got a fast pass to mediocrity. Look at this sketch by Charlie Brooker on how to report the news, how does that feel for authenticity?

So How Do We Show Authenticity?

It’s to show off your core values as they are, even if counter intuitively this also shows a few weaknesses here and there. For example take look at the list of Tony Hsieh core values he lists his book Delivering Happiness about Zappos shoes (Must Read).

  1. Deliver Wow through service.
  2. Embrace and drive change.
  3. Create fun and a little weirdness.
  4. Be adventurous, creative and open-minded.
  5. Pursue growth and learning.
  6. Build open and honest relationships with communication.
  7. Build a positive team and family spirit.
  8. Do more with less.
  9. Be passionate and determined.
  10. Be humble.

When you live and die by your core values, your customers will live and die by your company. Because they know it’s real, and they also know that you have their best interests at heart.

See how we can help you achieve your online marketing goals by getting in touch with us here.

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Our Voice-Overs

Voice-Overs are a very important aspect of much of our video production though we also have many clients that are happy to narrate and present their own film(s). We understand however, that this may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea so we have decided to create a facility that lets you hear examples of work by our stable of talented voice artists. Many of whom are very well known voices in the industry and all are exceptionally talented and versatile in their work.

A high quality, well conceived and written narration of your video is vitally important for communicating your key selling points and entertaining the viewer. The writing process is something that we will all work on together to reach the most effective solution and your input is of paramount importance here. Why not have a quick listen to the range of voices and characters that are available to narrate your video below. There you will be able to listen to some of our voice artist’s previous work for broadcast and online work.

Global Filmmakers Voice-Overs

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A Guide to Embedding Video

This may be preaching to the converted or seem like a primer on how to suck eggs for many techy types but we never tire of reminding our readers just how valuable and versatile web video can be. Today we are going to look at the vitally important technique of embedding video. But don’t panic – it’s really not that complicated. Embedding is simply the process of installing special code on your website that enables an in-situ / on site player to stream video from YouTube right into your own page.

What are the differences between embedded and locally hosted video?

As we mentioned above an embedded video is one that is hosted on YouTube and streamed into your site from the Youtube server. A locally hosted video however, is one that is loaded up to your site server and streamed from there. Although it may still be displayed within an embedded player ‘framework’ on your page. The advantages of embedding video hosted elsewhere should be immediately evident from this. An embedded video could be substantial in terms of data size and yet playing it puts no extra load on your own server or data account. YouTube is designed to stream video in the most efficient way and it also provides you with a nice ready-made player environment for your site, the player is very easy to customise and resize. Embedding also allows visitors to watch your video in situ and remain on that all-important landing or category page. And, it creates a useful mutual connection with YouTube that is extremely beneficial to your SEO effort.

So how do you start embedding video from YouTube?

Simples – below each video on YouTube you will see a button to ‘share’ – click on this and you will get another option to ‘embed’. The embed option will give you a line of code which needs to be copied and placed into the code of your webpage. This process may occasionally require a little expertise, as it is sometimes necessary to slightly modify other aspects of the code (known as CSS) in order to position the video correctly on your page. This is something we may be able to help you with if you are experiencing difficulties. Here is an example of the embedding code for one of our own promotional videos.

-iframe src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/pdz-_ybo1Ao?rel=0″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” -/iframe-

    1) The iframe tags tell your webpage to embed another document i.e. the youtube player interface within the html of your page.
    2) Src – or source is the url to the video itself.
    3) ?rel=0 – this bit of code at the end of the video URL is very important. It means don’t load a list of related videos when the chosen video finishes. Many business owners will want to have this feature enabled.
    4) The width and height attributes set the size of the player window on your page.These can be set to almost any size you like but bare in mind the aspect ratio of the video (relative width to height) though you should never set your player window to a size that is greater than the maximum size of your video. Click the cog wheel on the YouTube player to see what this is.
    5) Framborder – will draw a frame around the ‘iframe’ this is always best left at ‘0’ or off.
    6) Allowfullscreen – is pretty self-explanatory. This attribute enables a button at the far right of the player bar (it looks like a box) that enables the viewer to switch the video to full screen display. We normally leave this on but you can disallow this if you wish.

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Aerial Filming

Bq7D9JVIYAA3QlI Playing with our new aerial filming drone earlier in the week.

This is a surprisingly useful addition to the Global Filmmakers kit inventory. It is a remarkable piece of technology equipped with blue tooth connectivity that allows the operator to fly by screen with any typical smart phone employed as a monitor and attached to the comparatively simple flight controller.

The quadcopter (as it is known) can operate at an altitude of 300ft and has a remote control range of almost one mile. The film crew of course, have many ideas that will eventually make full use of this new toy — sorry device, and it has already been used to capture some very difficult and ultimately impressive shots within a large warehouse.

The camera drone has enabled us to get very high quality video at full HD (1080 rez) with the kinds of perspective and movement that were only previously possible with heavy awkward jib and track systems. We look forward to having a lot more fun with this thing in the coming months and can see it providing us with many useful options when it comes to filming everything from moving machinery to height work.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Use Video To Grow Their Business

You may be getting traffic to your web channels. You may have increased you Facebook likes by 197% over the past quarter. You may have more followers on Twitter than you know what to do with.

But are you throwing the right shapes to keep all these eyes engaged and fascinated?

Here are some ways that you can increase you engagement with your viewing audience.


1. Testimonials

Nobody says it better than current customers or clients. You can blow your trumpet all you want, but people won’t actively listen until someone else says how good you are.

Create the opportunity to get a visual representation of what your customers are saying about you. Nothing is more powerful at pushing the confirmation bias.

2. Behind the scenes access

What people can’t see, they can’t see. Take your viewer on a adventure behind the red curtains to what goes on to make your company what it is.

You can really blow people’s mind showing the effort and the small pieces that make up the big picture of why your company is so good.

3. Brand recognition

Who is the first company you think of when I say soft drinks… Coca-Cola?

If you have invested years into the success of your company you want to make sure that it is the first thing that pops up in peoples head when they have a problem that needs solving.

Having a video that reinforces this is a influential way of commanding that you stay in the number one spot.

4. Seasonal updates and promotion

Create professional videos just before you busiest time of year. If it is looking busy for you, you can expect your competitors to be tryin’ to get busy.

Who will win the race.

The person who sits back and relaxes or the one actively pushing and developing creative ways to market their business. I know who I would put my money on.

Get in early and creative before the stampede.

5.  Whiteboard video

I have got a exiting post for you coming up about this. But in simple terms, whiteboard videos rock!

• Improve understanding of complex ideas

• Bypass message filters in the brain

• Can create a desired picture in prospects mind

• Cause magnetic attraction t the screen


Study these ideas carefully and see what you can apply to your own company to enhance it’s video marketing.

Remember that any action taken is a lot better than debating and waiting for a ‘perfect time’. If you want a more in-depth analysis to how we can help you to apply them in a creative results driven way then get in touch.

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Taking a Different Look At Your Business With Storytelling

“Advertising is nothing more than Salesmanship in print” – John E. Kennedy

And storytelling is the best medium to get your message across. Every business has it’s own story, a unique way of how you do things, of how you came about or even the process your business operates.

How did Schlitz beer go from the 8th bestselling beer in the USA to number 1?

It was just one advertising campaign crafted by genius Claude Hopkins. Instead of ‘force telling’ why Schlitz beer is the best in the industry they showed their process.

He showed the prospects glass plated rooms where beer was dripping over pipes. The rooms air being filtered to reduce the impurities of the beer. How they clean the pumps and pipes twice each day for the highest quality and how they clean the bottles not once, twice but four times with the purest water to keep the beer fresh long term.

That’s how.

Want to know the funny thing about it all?

Every other company was doing this as well… they just didn’t ‘show it’ and what the prospect doesn’t know… the prospect doesn’t know.

There are so many new ways coming out to show off and craft your story all the time online and the truth is as long as it is visually magnetic using a proven strategy then you will be way, way ahead of your competition.

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Roulette With Your Business


The most dangerous word in the lexicon

of advertising” – David Ogilvy

Smart words from the man hailed as ‘the father of advertising’, David Ogilvy knew it best. By trying to reinvent the wheel with your advertising you are actually tripping yourself over.

In this blog post by Seth Godin titled ‘steal, don’t invent’ the best selling author and founder of Squidoo reiterates this point that you should find someone with a working practice and use the same strategy. As for the majority of people this is the most successful way of doing things.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal’ – Pablo Picasso …. Need I say anymore?

Now the point of this isn’t to go ahead and break every copyright law in the book, or to mimic something exactly. It is to be aware of the fundamental principles that make stuff work and use them. Rather than going into something blind and copying bullish brand advertising used by the ‘big names’, look at the central principles that formulate a reaction in someone to get off their seat and dialling the phone to you.

 Anything else is pointless.

A conservative estimate by the guardian is that we are exposed to over 3,500 ads per day. How many of those can you remember from just yesterday?

We need to create a direct response then and there from a person who views our ad.

Anything else is just stroking the ego.

We need to use direct marketing principles that work, and have worked since the days of Mesopotamia. Not just things we think may work but have no solid foundation to prove this.

Anything else would be playing roulette with your business.


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Being Proactive Not Reactive in Your Marketing

Very few people saw the recession coming.

Even fewer were ready for it when it did finally hit.

Some will get lucky, however luck should not be a strategy for you.

What you should do instead is prepare well upfront about what could happen in the future if you do not take action right this second to prevent disaster.

The world is changing no doubt any you can’t relay on ‘old tactics’ to work anymore.

However there is a saviour. A new gold standard in proven, effective and replicable strategies that will be sure too smoothen out any roadblocks that come upon your business in the future.

Buddhism has the concept of impermanence “Everything changes, nothing remains without change” and depending how you look upon this it can be you key to a stronger future.

It all starts by looking at trends to see where things are going, in the 22 Immutable laws of Marketing Al Ries talks about how successful product launches are built of trends not fads. To predict where your market is going in the future, look at the trends that it is going to be built upon not on the fads here and there.

For example if you look at youtube’s traffic increasing in a solid manor year on year. That is a trend that videos are working well and it only takes that next step of creating valuable content that will get seen by your target audience to take advantage of the situation.

Make sure that you are always on the lookout for ways to be one step ahead in your marketing, as what is currently working now is not always the way it will be working in one year from now.


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