Tie Your Video Marketing To These 4 Solid Principles and You Will See Results

Have you read the recent CPM costs?

For $1 million you can get a 15 second advert across Facebook’s native Video advertising platform. It costs $500,000 to get your video on the top banner of youtube for a day.

Business are paying these prices because video work well. Really well.

When sending traffic via online or even offline to a video you need to make sure it converts.

Here are 4 things to tie into your video that will make your message powerful and magnetic.

1. Educate – The best way to build a flock of loyal customers is to be one hundred percent honest  about how your product or service works. Your customers will love you, adore you if you give them a piece of wisdom from the solutions that you offer that will help them get away from pain and increase their pleasure.

2. Show proof – “Proof is in the pudding” – Nothing makes a person pick up the phone like proof. It takes away the guess work, adding in things like testimonials on top of this really makes it unstoppable.

3. Demonstration – Your vids should be able to clearly show how your product or services can solve a specific problem. If your product is about broadband show a production of why slow internet sucks.

4. Entertain – Research 10 years ago showed that humour in TV adverts did nothing for increasing sales. That research has been flipped on it’s head and spun around so many times because of the internet, that humour is now back in fashion!

Whether you can humour a customer to the cash register or provide nail bitting, sitting on the edge of your seat type content, being entertaining has got to be woven into the fabric of  your business video to keep eyes glued to the screen.

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