Why Online Video

Your Existing Website

No video content on your website? The evidence is hard to ignore. People will spend only a few seconds reading text on your website before clicking away. Meanwhile, people love watching video AND the majority of people will watch a short video through to the end.

Engage & Retain Your Customer

Your entertaining short business video will bring your website to life and will engage and inform your potential customer about your products or service far more effectively than any other marketing format, 24 hours a day!

Google Search Results

Websites with video content will always be listed higher in Google search results than websites with text only. That’s the power of video. Google loves video content!


A rapidly rising number of people (millions per day) are now using YouTube and Google Video to search for businesses and services….why?  Because they’d rather watch a video than read static text! With no business video you’re simply missing out this huge marketing sector.

Video Thumbnails

Want to stand out in Google search results?

With a video, your business could appear like this……….

Mobile Internet Marketing

Google recently stated that 66% of searches are now done from mobile devices! (Not surprising given that over 1 billion smart phones were bought in 2011) Is your website mobile enabled? If not, smart phone users will quickly click away from your website. A mobile enabled version of your website is included in every one of our video packages as standard. No business can afford to ignore this huge and growing marketing platform.

Quick Response Marketing

Your new video will be your passport into the huge and amazing marketing opportunities now available in the brand new Quick Response marketing platform. Quick Response marketing is rising in the UK at a phenomenal rate, it’s already almost everywhere you look! Don’t get left behind. Since April 2012, all of our video packages include Quick Response marketing as standard.

Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate it but don’t ignore it! Huge online sharing networks within Facebook and Twitter can get your video watched by thousands of viewers. It’s all good exposure for your business brand. Are you ‘Posting’ and ‘Tweeting’ your key marketing messages to the world??


There’s no doubt you will love what we do… everyone does! But what does it cost? Whatever your budget, if you want to give your marketing a cutting edge boost via online video just give us a call. We can do something for almost any budget.