Content Marketing – How To Understand and Use It Effectively

Relevant and useful content should be at the core of your marketing. It serves many purposes in the process of building relationships with interested viewers.

At is basic form content is creating valuable information via print, electronic, video etc with the view of making the target audience take action on the offer being pushed.

Over the years trends of content marketing seem to be changing like the wind however there are a few fundamental laws to make sure your content has a concrete base.

Headline is a Headline

And a good headline is a good headline is a good headline.. If you don’t have appealing bait on the end of your headline all the rest of the content you have created or paid for will be ignored.

Make sure you use appealing, specific and urgent terms in your headline for the best click through rate.

Relationship Value

If your content is not relevant to your business, you won’t be made relevant. Make sure you are digging in deep and hitting the wants, fears and frustrations of your intended reader.

Every word needs to be keeping them on the edge of the seat following your content, if it’s not got magnetic appeal then there are a 1000’s other things they can and will click on to be further distracted.


99.9% of media outlets are just hungry for content. It is how the new age media works. Make sure that you select relevant and meaningful outlets. If you’re pushing your content where your audience is not then it won’t get read. However test new areas test new outlets, test new messages pushing the same offer they are all valuable ways of tapping into a new stream of clients.


As with most marketing pieces make sure you spend time on making sure quality is fundamental. If quality is lacking so will viewers.

Over the next week see if you can spot companies using these strategies and how they are engineering it to have the greatest impact.

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