Taking a Different Look At Your Business With Storytelling

“Advertising is nothing more than Salesmanship in print” – John E. Kennedy

And storytelling is the best medium to get your message across. Every business has it’s own story, a unique way of how you do things, of how you came about or even the process your business operates.

How did Schlitz beer go from the 8th bestselling beer in the USA to number 1?

It was just one advertising campaign crafted by genius Claude Hopkins. Instead of ‘force telling’ why Schlitz beer is the best in the industry they showed their process.

He showed the prospects glass plated rooms where beer was dripping over pipes. The rooms air being filtered to reduce the impurities of the beer. How they clean the pumps and pipes twice each day for the highest quality and how they clean the bottles not once, twice but four times with the purest water to keep the beer fresh long term.

That’s how.

Want to know the funny thing about it all?

Every other company was doing this as well… they just didn’t ‘show it’ and what the prospect doesn’t know… the prospect doesn’t know.

There are so many new ways coming out to show off and craft your story all the time online and the truth is as long as it is visually magnetic using a proven strategy then you will be way, way ahead of your competition.

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