Being Resistant to Change Is Dangerous To Your Businesses Future

“These times they are A-changin” – Bob Dylan

…. And boy was he right.

Never in the history of the human population have things technologically, scientifically and mathematically been futher advanced.

Even better yet, this is great news for you!

Or bad, you see it is how you react to this change that is going to make or break your standing in the market place with your business.

One of the biggest excuses we hear here is “but my business is different”, people sadly try to convince themselves that for some reason or another that there business does not need to change.

Because it has worked in the past is not a surefire stratergy for something working in the future.

‘What you can do now’

Look around you?

It’s as simple as seeing where people are moving there attention. I.e First it was print and magazines then it moved to online desktops… now it is moving to mobile and having information available 24/7 at the click of a button when consumers want it.

In this video by Gary Vaynerchuk he talks about being on the right side of history. Watch it now and you will see what we are on about.

It is time for you and your company to embrace change and ride with it.

If you are already ahead of the curve, then well done. You will now know yourself how powerful it is being on the right side of change.

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