Push Vs Pull Marketing The Old Age Battle That Now Has a Clear Winner


If you haven’t read Jab Jab Jab right hook by the social media hot shot Gary Vaynerchuk then this is the first thing you need to write on your Christmas list (ok, it is a little early for that) but there are a few epiphanies that stand out more than ever in the new age of digital marketing.

Let’s start by looking at the elephant in the room.

‘Push marketing has not been injured in this digital age. No it has been flat out destroyed’

Torn to shreds and arriving in a million pieces; the wheels have finally fallen off the push marketing wagon. Companies shouting louder than the next company about why they are better is just not as effective anymore … if they don’t have their creative angle figured out.

When you start to think of all your marketing in funnels. It makes it a lot easier to visualise where someone is in the process of buying your product or service and cater for their needs that way. Rather than just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.


Advanced Tip: As suggested in the E-myth by Michael Gerber the best indicator of setting your business up to succeed is looking at if you could franchise your company as it stands. This means turning it into efficient and reliable systems that could be rinsed and repeated. You can then also turn each section into a system and work out conversion rates for each part of your funnel to find the optimal system for your pull marketing to operate in.

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