Overstimulation and How To Get Past It

Overstimulation and How To Get Past It

Today offers the best and worst time for you to market your business.

 The best because the cost, channels and tracking avalible.

… But also the worst,  with these channels being more cut throught than ever. The fight for customers attension has never been so brutal.

The chart below shows the equation that has been called “Zuckerberg’s Law”. That is the amount of content shared online double every year. If you think your news feeds are congested now imagine what that looks like in 2020.

 As the content chart spirals out of control more and more pressure is put on making that content stand out. The more your content stands out the greater chance it has of being liked seen and shared.

2014 is the year you need to get started in developing your online plan. If you have only just fleshed out a  strategy to create a content marketing plan you are still behind the crowd.

It’s time to get up to speed and here are a few things you can do to get started:

Partner with local authorities

Try and spot that 900 pound gorilla who is really hitting it out of the park with there digital content.

See what you can offer them to exchange value and build a relationship.

These people have advantage of audience, customer base and reputation. If there customers listen to them you defiantly need to work on a joint venturing partnership.

Create Leading Content

To be see as an authority you need to act like an authority. If your website, media or online profiles are not better then the next click away you have already lost the battle.

It is so easy now to get a good picture of what a business is like just by pressing a few buttons and clicking a few links. Make sure they always see high quality engaging content associated with your brand.

First Mover Advantage

This is something we will go into a lot more detail in the future how ever for the purposes of this make sure that you are first into a high growth traffic channel.

It is a lot easier to get in front of a marching band than to try and get to the front of it when it has already left.

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