Our Video Options

Whether it’s a professional voiceover, a multi location shoot, special effects, custom graphics, a professional presenter….or if you’d like to appear in the film yourself, we’re 100% confident of producing a video you’ll be proud of – at an affordable price too.

Our video packages start with an entry level production which includes:

  • 60 second HD video
  • Script Writer Services
  • Full Editing Services
  • Single Location Shoot

Watch some examples…



You can also select any of several optional production extras such as:

Professional Voiceovers

A professional voiceover will add quality and value to your video and is our most popular optional extra. We work with a wide variety of voiceover artists giving you lots of choice.


Extended Duration

A lot can be achieved in 60 seconds but if you have more to say, a bespoke production will cater for any length of video to suit your needs.


Special Effects

Ask us about custom graphics, animation and our range of special effects.


Professional Presenters

If you like the idea of having a professional presenter to host and star in your video just let us know.
See the difference it can make with these two examples.