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If you have ever considered creating a video to advertise your business or a flagship product, the time to take advantage of the most influential and successful form of marketing to date is now. Filmmaking has enjoyed a resurgence in the online marketplace for one simple reason; people love watching videos.

The sad fact is that people don’t have the time, or the patience, to read page after page about a single subject. They want the facts and they want them now. Get involved with Global Filmmakers and we’ll collaborate with you to create a video which outlines your product and business aims whilst simultaneously gaining the trust and recognition your brand needs to survive.

No longer do people turn to instruction manuals and textbooks to learn something new; a quick search online will provide the results they’re looking for in less than a second. A carefully planned and executed video enriches the online experience and drives traffic to your website, drawing the attention of prospective clients. Once your video is online, platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo unleash limitless possibilities with the power of sharing.

Enthral your audience with a well-considered piece of film and you’ll retain visitors on your website, boosting your SEO rankings as a result. A simple miscommunication in the text of your website can have dire consequences for your campaign, so clear up any possible confusion with a simple video. Your video is an invaluable marketing tool which articulates your brand’s message clearly whilst retaining a clean website design.

Use your video as a means to connect with budding clients, explain what you can offer them and reveal why you have the upper hand in your industry. People can buy into or reject a concept within a minute of being introduced to the idea; a short film enables a viewer to understand your product and make an informed decision in a very short space of time.

A video is a tool to be utilised at every opportunity, upload it to your website of course but also make sure to share it on social media to generate wider interest. Your film is far more likely to leave an impression if your viewer is able to watch and learn from you and your experiences. By taking the time to produce a unique piece of film, you are creating a personality for your brand and helping a user to make the transition from viewer to client.

Based in the North West of England, Global Filmmakers is a well-established video production team, dedicated to making high quality videos for businesses in Norwich and beyond. Our expertise has been sought by companies in all sectors, from fashion and manufacturing to charities, all of whom now have an expertly produced video engaging their audiences.

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Our entry level video production package is immensely popular and includes:

  • A 60 Second HD Video
  • Script Writer Services
  • Full Editing Services
  • A Single Location Shoot

If you are based in Norwich and would like to discover more about the services available from Global Filmmakers, contact us for a free quotation today.