How to Make The Mundane Magical & Show Off Your Business

If you never saw the viral video marketing series by Blendtec you must watch it right now. This series caught fire online through doing just one thing… showing the power of the product in action.

Check it out below:

‘How can I use this to gain an unfair advantage?’

Every product no matter how mundane or boring it may look on the surface has a creative angle to draw in the masses and get people talking.

Just check out this online advert for ‘petrol dye’ by us:

The trick to using this for your own companies advantage is to capture your ‘unique angle’ on a medium that people can share and spread.

When people can visualise why your product truly is the best it gains massive pull in value.

What this means is once your target market actually sees visual proof of why your service or product is the leader (not just talk) they will want your product full stop.

That means no ‘competitors lower price’ or other companies USP’s will take away your future business.

Make sure you are showing off your companies product or service in a way that physically demonstrates how advanced you are.

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