Interviews With Filmmaking Masters Pt1.


At Global we’re always looking for ways we can push the envelope for our clients.

Our filmmaking team is the critical reason why our videos have been so successful over the past few years and I think their knowledge and expertise needs to be shared with you, so you can apply the principles to your business to succeed as well.

You’re about to be ushered past the velvet rope…

… and into our world of filmmaking, that will let you peak behind the red curtain into the methods used by only the best and successful writers, editors, vocal artists and videographers.

Over the next few weeks we’re taking you on a journey with our team.

Today’s interview is with Videographer Tom Mayoh. He is the brains behind a lot of our well known videos. Part John Schlesinger part Colin Firth, Tom’s creative and directive ability has the power to captivated anyone who watches his video.

Check out what he has to say below:


What is your favourite film & why?

Good Will Hunting – The script and dialogue plus the combination of Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Minnie Driver was brilliant. Very intense and sometimes funny scenes that I can re-watch again and again.

What is the most important element in an advertisement that really gets people talking?

Surprise – Creating something out of the ordinary that will people wouldn’t have thought of and to get them to spread the idea through word of mouth.

What is your formula for the ‘perfect’ video?

• Introduction to the friendly staff members or business, you have got to capture peoples attention straight away!

• Originality – whether in style of edit and pace, humour or content. Quick and punchy to keep the viewers attention.

• Call to action at the end leave the viewer surprised and asking questions that they want answering…any the way they answer the questions is by getting in touch with you.

What are missing components of video that most people tend to overlook however are absolutely vital to making it a well liked hit?

Audio – something that video and filmmakers often overlook.

However, people don’t realise that Video making isn’t just about the Visual – It is as much about the Audio too that creates the whole piece.

How do you fine tune the mix between creativity and broadcasting a strong appealing message or do the two go hand in hand?

The two always go hand in hand, whether it’s for TV, Film, Internet – it doesn’t matter. You want to convey a message that supports your business and interests your market. Whilst doing it in an innovative manner.

You need to keep the prospect entertained as well as wet their appetite for future business.

Thank you.


We hope you got as much out of that as we did.

Stay tuned to the blog to see more interesting thought provoking interviews coming up.

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