“Fore” Marketing Strategies To Make An Impact In Your Marketing

Bridging Online & Offline

Never has it been simpliler to track who, what, whereabouts, why and when people are inquiring more about your services. Now you can see what impact your offline media is really having.

If your not tracking and testing your offline advertising how do you have any clue it is working?

Below is just one basic way I would suggest you to look into this.

  1. Ask your web developer to set up sub domains on your website i.e www.yoururl.co.uk/test1
  2. Set up Analytics on your site (Google Analytics are good for starting).
  3. Update and test your offline advertising with a new link for each different ad.
  4. Split test the ads until you see one with the highest traffic.
  5. Use that ad across all the mediums.

Bringing customers online you can turn people from annonamous viewers into a real connection that if set up will leave there contact information for you to build a relationship with.


Testing What Works

Unlike the last point it is so easy to change, track and optermise what works online. The three things you need to be mainly paying attension to regarding online testing are:

  1. The advert, is it quality or will it just be looked over?
  2. The medium, are your target audience hanging out there?
  3. The call to action, where are you directing the traffic once your content has been seen?

Dropping What Doesn’t

You should drop what is not working as soon as possible. As you have seen from the last two points. Testing and tracking is vital. However you should listen to pareto’s law and only focus on the 20% that is bringing in results for you online and offline.

As soon as you have an new improved version of your ad make sure to drop the loser and improve again on the winner.The shortcut to this is finding and partnering with someone or an agency who know a system of how to get to that end result as fast as possible cutting out wasted time and money.


Late on Arrival

Being late to the party sucks.. Especially online.

Did you ever notice how this Harlem Shake Video got over 50 million views?

However the following PR stunt from Orange barely made 10,000

The difference is in the time made. The first was made just a month earlier and went virial. Where as Orange being late on the scene didn’t make an impact.

In todays online trends being first in really makes an impact and even being just  a day later can really have an effect on the impact your online marketing has.

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