Keeping Your Business Hot Everyday of The Year

At the time of writing this it is another beautiful day in the Henbury studio.

If you like us the weather may not be the only thing that is hot for you at the moment, however it is always good to plan ahead for times when there may be a ‘rainy day’.

The best way to do this is to is to incorporate tried and tested systems into your marketing to make sure that you have an evergreen business running like clockwork.

Here is a simple 5-phase plan to get you underway:

Phase 1. Get in front of your target market and create a way of them being able to put their hands up and request more information about how your product or service can help them out with their current problem.

Phase 2. Don’t half a system. If you managed to attract a customer or client, and then you don’t have a system to build a solid founding relationship with them… then you might have not bothered installing effort into the getting of said customer.

Phase 3. Educate the customer of your story, product and service and why you are the best. If you don’t clearly present to your prospect the reasons why you better, then you have already lost the game.

Phase 4. Get out of the lowest price game. By showing why you are better the prospect will be more inclined to pay a premium on your service. When your competition has no clear way of showing off why they are better the only game they can win is a race to the bottom.

Phase 5. If you are a seasonal company, set up and diversify you product offerings. This will make sure when seasonality strikes and your core service takes a hit you can continue to be running at speed.

Follow this post and apply it to your company to make sure you will be ahead of the game

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