Getting the most from you QR code

QR code is just a tool in the toolkit. Used right this tool has the power to unlock massive lead flow into your business. Here is your multi step guide to what they are, using them and just straight out getting creative with these little bar codes.

What is a QR code?

As we know them in the office ‘the unfinished crossword’ is a marketing invention from Japan that is short for quick response. These quick response codes are exactly that…. Quick response. If you are sending out direct mail, business cards, hell’ any type of direct response advertising then a QR code is your way of getting the reader to put his hand up and reach out to you.

In a quick no hassle way you can get someone from seeing your advertisement to nurturing them down your sales process in an effortless fashion (just make sure what is at the end of your code is interesting).

Using Them

Where there is advertising there needs to be a way of generating response. The biggest problem you face is wasting advertising money by making someone aware that there is a solution for their problem just to then get that person to get in touch with your competitor.

Say for ‘example’ it is after 7 o’clock and you have a leaflet in the local Indian where ‘Sally’ is picking up her food. She recognises your leaflet, realises that yes the ‘carpets are getting a little out of hand’ and that they need to be cleaned. Being considerate ‘Sally’ does not want to call your phone up at this hour, nor does she want to mess about typing your URL name into her phone, find your contact page and ‘hope’ that there is a place to leave a message. It is X10 easier for ‘Sally’ to just scan your QR code on the leaflet see if you are indeed the right company and drop you a simple message with how to get in touch with her.

Getting Creative

Ok, so you have got your QR code and you also see others also using this amazing invention. How do you get your code scanned more than the competition? Well here are some ideas…

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