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Have you ever considered the benefits of investing in a promotional or educational video? In doing so your business can reach out to clients or provide members of staff with comprehensive training, so what is stopping you from taking the plunge?

Watching a video is an entertaining and often enthralling way to learn about a brand, a subject or a product. It takes just one minute to sell an idea, leave an impression on the buyer and, what’s more, there really is no limit to how creative you can be with a short film. Videos are the most effective method of online promotion and it’s easy to see why. Businesses across Bristol have taken the opportunity to create a video, giving them leverage to build relationships with clients and share their activities with the world.

Building a rapport with your client and gaining their trust is the secret to a successful campaign; consider your video a powerful tool which enables you to define and exhibit your product in a compelling manner. Text and images alone cannot enhance your online presence in the same way as a short film; when you upload a video to sharing sites such as YouTube, you are introducing your business to a whole new marketplace which increases traffic to your website and enables engagement with your clients.

A video is a shareable entity which gives you the power to reach a global audience; remember that YouTube and other online platforms are smartphone compatible, so you can even reach your target market when they’re on the move. If you’re looking for the best way to boost your website’s SEO rankings, including a professional video on your site retains visitors and delivers your content in an accessible format. When text can be interpreted in so many ways, get your message across the first time in a short film.

Proven to boost the growth of businesses across Bristol, videos grab your attention quickly and retain it. Keeping your website clean and including the most relevant information in your film is less likely to confuse customers or increase the load time of your site. The airtime a video affords you is the perfect opportunity to show customers how you differ from the competition and how you can be of service to them. What’s more, if you clarify the product and its benefits in your video, a viewer is more likely to make a purchasing decision in a shorter timeframe. When filming your video, take into consideration the impression you would want your brand to leave on the viewer, sell yourself to them, gain their trust and you will make an invaluable connection.

By keeping an eye on the view count of your video you can measure how your audience is interacting with your film. When your video is shared on social media, you will notice the number increasing quickly. People buy from people and the more successful your video is at converting an audience, the further your video will reach.

What We Provide:

Global Filmmakers provide a high quality video production service to corporates and businesses throughout Bristol. We have been involved in diverse projects on behalf of local businesses both in Bristol, Ireland and the North West of England. There are hundreds of our videos currently streaming online for our clients, why not view some of them here:

We approach each project with a fresh outlook and work collaboratively with each client, ensuring that we are sensitive to their requirements and demonstrate our creativity and ingenuity without being intrusive. Working with charities, companies and retailers has broadened our minds and we continue to demonstrate our capabilities for clients across the country.

Our entry level video production package includes:

  • A 60 Second HD Video
  • Script Writer Services
  • Full Editing Services
  • A Single Location Shoot

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