Tie Your Video Marketing To These 4 Solid Principles and You Will See Results

Have you read the recent CPM costs?

For $1 million you can get a 15 second advert across Facebook’s native Video advertising platform. It costs $500,000 to get your video on the top banner of youtube for a day.

Business are paying these prices because video work well. Really well.

When sending traffic via online or even offline to a video you need to make sure it converts.

Here are 4 things to tie into your video that will make your message powerful and magnetic.

1. Educate – The best way to build a flock of loyal customers is to be one hundred percent honest  about how your product or service works. Your customers will love you, adore you if you give them a piece of wisdom from the solutions that you offer that will help them get away from pain and increase their pleasure.

2. Show proof – “Proof is in the pudding” – Nothing makes a person pick up the phone like proof. It takes away the guess work, adding in things like testimonials on top of this really makes it unstoppable.

3. Demonstration – Your vids should be able to clearly show how your product or services can solve a specific problem. If your product is about broadband show a production of why slow internet sucks.

4. Entertain – Research 10 years ago showed that humour in TV adverts did nothing for increasing sales. That research has been flipped on it’s head and spun around so many times because of the internet, that humour is now back in fashion!

Whether you can humour a customer to the cash register or provide nail bitting, sitting on the edge of your seat type content, being entertaining has got to be woven into the fabric of  your business video to keep eyes glued to the screen.

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Interviews With Filmmaking Masters Pt1.


At Global we’re always looking for ways we can push the envelope for our clients.

Our filmmaking team is the critical reason why our videos have been so successful over the past few years and I think their knowledge and expertise needs to be shared with you, so you can apply the principles to your business to succeed as well.

You’re about to be ushered past the velvet rope…

… and into our world of filmmaking, that will let you peak behind the red curtain into the methods used by only the best and successful writers, editors, vocal artists and videographers.

Over the next few weeks we’re taking you on a journey with our team.

Today’s interview is with Videographer Tom Mayoh. He is the brains behind a lot of our well known videos. Part John Schlesinger part Colin Firth, Tom’s creative and directive ability has the power to captivated anyone who watches his video.

Check out what he has to say below:


What is your favourite film & why?

Good Will Hunting – The script and dialogue plus the combination of Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Minnie Driver was brilliant. Very intense and sometimes funny scenes that I can re-watch again and again.

What is the most important element in an advertisement that really gets people talking?

Surprise – Creating something out of the ordinary that will people wouldn’t have thought of and to get them to spread the idea through word of mouth.

What is your formula for the ‘perfect’ video?

• Introduction to the friendly staff members or business, you have got to capture peoples attention straight away!

• Originality – whether in style of edit and pace, humour or content. Quick and punchy to keep the viewers attention.

• Call to action at the end leave the viewer surprised and asking questions that they want answering…any the way they answer the questions is by getting in touch with you.

What are missing components of video that most people tend to overlook however are absolutely vital to making it a well liked hit?

Audio – something that video and filmmakers often overlook.

However, people don’t realise that Video making isn’t just about the Visual – It is as much about the Audio too that creates the whole piece.

How do you fine tune the mix between creativity and broadcasting a strong appealing message or do the two go hand in hand?

The two always go hand in hand, whether it’s for TV, Film, Internet – it doesn’t matter. You want to convey a message that supports your business and interests your market. Whilst doing it in an innovative manner.

You need to keep the prospect entertained as well as wet their appetite for future business.

Thank you.


We hope you got as much out of that as we did.

Stay tuned to the blog to see more interesting thought provoking interviews coming up.

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Being Resistant to Change Is Dangerous To Your Businesses Future

“These times they are A-changin” – Bob Dylan

…. And boy was he right.

Never in the history of the human population have things technologically, scientifically and mathematically been futher advanced.

Even better yet, this is great news for you!

Or bad, you see it is how you react to this change that is going to make or break your standing in the market place with your business.

One of the biggest excuses we hear here is “but my business is different”, people sadly try to convince themselves that for some reason or another that there business does not need to change.

Because it has worked in the past is not a surefire stratergy for something working in the future.

‘What you can do now’

Look around you?

It’s as simple as seeing where people are moving there attention. I.e First it was print and magazines then it moved to online desktops… now it is moving to mobile and having information available 24/7 at the click of a button when consumers want it.

In this video by Gary Vaynerchuk he talks about being on the right side of history. Watch it now and you will see what we are on about.

It is time for you and your company to embrace change and ride with it.

If you are already ahead of the curve, then well done. You will now know yourself how powerful it is being on the right side of change.

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How to Turn Your Messy Advertising Into a Clear Powerful Message

 Nothing is worse than a confusing message.

In tested advertising methods by John C. Caples you can see the example of how just by changing the picture of an advertisement it can have a negative effect on total response.


The reason is quite simple, one of the cognitive biases is to make assumptions on things. That means we use past experiences to save time in the present. If we didn’t do this we would have to spend hours and hours learning the same lessons over and over again. This cognitive bias is designed to help us save time.

Therefore when showing you business off in any sort of advertisement it should be directly relevant to what need or want your target audience is after. Tested results have come back in time and time again if you are showing an unrelated picture on an advertisement then you will decrease your conversion rate dramatically.

Just check out the picture below.


From just looking at the picture and headline the majority of people would belive that this is an advertisement about yachts. Only when someone has read the whole advert would the ‘prospect’ understand that this is really about investment management. Only most people who are intrested in having a profolio managed would have turn away at the first sight unless they were also intrested in yachts.

In this modern age when there is a million and one distractions it pays to be simple and direct.

Just check out the following advert below which has been tested more times than a student during exam time:

The headline and picture (headshots convert well) speaks direct to the broadcast audience.

You will probably now start seeing this around. It has been working well for Fisher investments for the last year appearing regularly on Forbes etc.

The bottom lesson to learn from this is don’t try to be cleaver with indirect advertising.

By creating a powerful message out of showing directly what you offer your advertising is going to have much more of an impact on the people who you are trying to make raise their hand.

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How to Make The Mundane Magical & Show Off Your Business

If you never saw the viral video marketing series by Blendtec you must watch it right now. This series caught fire online through doing just one thing… showing the power of the product in action.

Check it out below:

‘How can I use this to gain an unfair advantage?’

Every product no matter how mundane or boring it may look on the surface has a creative angle to draw in the masses and get people talking.

Just check out this online advert for ‘petrol dye’ by us:

The trick to using this for your own companies advantage is to capture your ‘unique angle’ on a medium that people can share and spread.

When people can visualise why your product truly is the best it gains massive pull in value.

What this means is once your target market actually sees visual proof of why your service or product is the leader (not just talk) they will want your product full stop.

That means no ‘competitors lower price’ or other companies USP’s will take away your future business.

Make sure you are showing off your companies product or service in a way that physically demonstrates how advanced you are.

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Keeping Your Business Hot Everyday of The Year

At the time of writing this it is another beautiful day in the Henbury studio.

If you like us the weather may not be the only thing that is hot for you at the moment, however it is always good to plan ahead for times when there may be a ‘rainy day’.

The best way to do this is to is to incorporate tried and tested systems into your marketing to make sure that you have an evergreen business running like clockwork.

Here is a simple 5-phase plan to get you underway:

Phase 1. Get in front of your target market and create a way of them being able to put their hands up and request more information about how your product or service can help them out with their current problem.

Phase 2. Don’t half a system. If you managed to attract a customer or client, and then you don’t have a system to build a solid founding relationship with them… then you might have not bothered installing effort into the getting of said customer.

Phase 3. Educate the customer of your story, product and service and why you are the best. If you don’t clearly present to your prospect the reasons why you better, then you have already lost the game.

Phase 4. Get out of the lowest price game. By showing why you are better the prospect will be more inclined to pay a premium on your service. When your competition has no clear way of showing off why they are better the only game they can win is a race to the bottom.

Phase 5. If you are a seasonal company, set up and diversify you product offerings. This will make sure when seasonality strikes and your core service takes a hit you can continue to be running at speed.

Follow this post and apply it to your company to make sure you will be ahead of the game

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Here is a Method That is Helping Amazon to Convert Like Crazy

When was the last time you checked out what big online retailers were doing to stay big and leave the competition behind online?

Next time you are on Amazon take a quick trip to their hottest selling product of the last few years.. the kindle.

On the hottest selling page what do they have in the prime real estate of the page… not testimonials, not product description, not a picture but a fully functioning sexy product video.

What does this mean?

It means that the highest traffic page on the biggest ecommerce store in the world uses video in order to generate more sales. Not only that but it is the thing they have found to be working best out of everything.

You see they are not putting it up for fun and games, or even for the ‘look’. Amazon tests everything… and I mean EVERYTHING like crazy.

Seeing what works and disregarding what doesn’t.

Whatever works the best they will use and keep.

It is working so well they are even encouraging distributors to do it here.

What does this mean for me?

Well now you know what is crushing it online for the big retailers, it is time to take unfair advantage of this marketing strategy that is taking the online world by storm.

Just because your not a ‘big’ retailers does not mean that you can’t generate ‘big’ results using video in your own online marketing campaigns.

You see, if you mix the right blend of great scriptwriting, insane camera angles and expert sound control into a video message about your product and services it is a sure-fire way to generate huge results.

Our proven video marketing formula encompasses the key principles needed to make sure you strike it right every time.

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Getting the most from you QR code

QR code is just a tool in the toolkit. Used right this tool has the power to unlock massive lead flow into your business. Here is your multi step guide to what they are, using them and just straight out getting creative with these little bar codes.

What is a QR code?

As we know them in the office ‘the unfinished crossword’ is a marketing invention from Japan that is short for quick response. These quick response codes are exactly that…. Quick response. If you are sending out direct mail, business cards, hell’ any type of direct response advertising then a QR code is your way of getting the reader to put his hand up and reach out to you.

In a quick no hassle way you can get someone from seeing your advertisement to nurturing them down your sales process in an effortless fashion (just make sure what is at the end of your code is interesting).

Using Them

Where there is advertising there needs to be a way of generating response. The biggest problem you face is wasting advertising money by making someone aware that there is a solution for their problem just to then get that person to get in touch with your competitor.

Say for ‘example’ it is after 7 o’clock and you have a leaflet in the local Indian where ‘Sally’ is picking up her food. She recognises your leaflet, realises that yes the ‘carpets are getting a little out of hand’ and that they need to be cleaned. Being considerate ‘Sally’ does not want to call your phone up at this hour, nor does she want to mess about typing your URL name into her phone, find your contact page and ‘hope’ that there is a place to leave a message. It is X10 easier for ‘Sally’ to just scan your QR code on the leaflet see if you are indeed the right company and drop you a simple message with how to get in touch with her.

Getting Creative

Ok, so you have got your QR code and you also see others also using this amazing invention. How do you get your code scanned more than the competition? Well here are some ideas…

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Content Marketing – How To Understand and Use It Effectively

Relevant and useful content should be at the core of your marketing. It serves many purposes in the process of building relationships with interested viewers.

At is basic form content is creating valuable information via print, electronic, video etc with the view of making the target audience take action on the offer being pushed.

Over the years trends of content marketing seem to be changing like the wind however there are a few fundamental laws to make sure your content has a concrete base.

Headline is a Headline

And a good headline is a good headline is a good headline.. If you don’t have appealing bait on the end of your headline all the rest of the content you have created or paid for will be ignored.

Make sure you use appealing, specific and urgent terms in your headline for the best click through rate.

Relationship Value

If your content is not relevant to your business, you won’t be made relevant. Make sure you are digging in deep and hitting the wants, fears and frustrations of your intended reader.

Every word needs to be keeping them on the edge of the seat following your content, if it’s not got magnetic appeal then there are a 1000’s other things they can and will click on to be further distracted.


99.9% of media outlets are just hungry for content. It is how the new age media works. Make sure that you select relevant and meaningful outlets. If you’re pushing your content where your audience is not then it won’t get read. However test new areas test new outlets, test new messages pushing the same offer they are all valuable ways of tapping into a new stream of clients.


As with most marketing pieces make sure you spend time on making sure quality is fundamental. If quality is lacking so will viewers.

Over the next week see if you can spot companies using these strategies and how they are engineering it to have the greatest impact.

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Make them say “wow”

How are you showing your customers that you are better?

Or are you?

Are you keeping everything hidden?

Perception is reality online. Don’t be afraid to show what your product can do if you know it is the best thing out in the marketplace.

Anything less would be a discredit to your company.

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