Aerial Filming

Bq7D9JVIYAA3QlI Playing with our new aerial filming drone earlier in the week.

This is a surprisingly useful addition to the Global Filmmakers kit inventory. It is a remarkable piece of technology equipped with blue tooth connectivity that allows the operator to fly by screen with any typical smart phone employed as a monitor and attached to the comparatively simple flight controller.

The quadcopter (as it is known) can operate at an altitude of 300ft and has a remote control range of almost one mile. The film crew of course, have many ideas that will eventually make full use of this new toy — sorry device, and it has already been used to capture some very difficult and ultimately impressive shots within a large warehouse.

The camera drone has enabled us to get very high quality video at full HD (1080 rez) with the kinds of perspective and movement that were only previously possible with heavy awkward jib and track systems. We look forward to having a lot more fun with this thing in the coming months and can see it providing us with many useful options when it comes to filming everything from moving machinery to height work.

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