5 Ways Businesses Can Use Video To Grow Their Business

You may be getting traffic to your web channels. You may have increased you Facebook likes by 197% over the past quarter. You may have more followers on Twitter than you know what to do with.

But are you throwing the right shapes to keep all these eyes engaged and fascinated?

Here are some ways that you can increase you engagement with your viewing audience.


1. Testimonials

Nobody says it better than current customers or clients. You can blow your trumpet all you want, but people won’t actively listen until someone else says how good you are.

Create the opportunity to get a visual representation of what your customers are saying about you. Nothing is more powerful at pushing the confirmation bias.

2. Behind the scenes access

What people can’t see, they can’t see. Take your viewer on a adventure behind the red curtains to what goes on to make your company what it is.

You can really blow people’s mind showing the effort and the small pieces that make up the big picture of why your company is so good.

3. Brand recognition

Who is the first company you think of when I say soft drinks… Coca-Cola?

If you have invested years into the success of your company you want to make sure that it is the first thing that pops up in peoples head when they have a problem that needs solving.

Having a video that reinforces this is a influential way of commanding that you stay in the number one spot.

4. Seasonal updates and promotion

Create professional videos just before you busiest time of year. If it is looking busy for you, you can expect your competitors to be tryin’ to get busy.

Who will win the race.

The person who sits back and relaxes or the one actively pushing and developing creative ways to market their business. I know who I would put my money on.

Get in early and creative before the stampede.

5.  Whiteboard video

I have got a exiting post for you coming up about this. But in simple terms, whiteboard videos rock!

• Improve understanding of complex ideas

• Bypass message filters in the brain

• Can create a desired picture in prospects mind

• Cause magnetic attraction t the screen


Study these ideas carefully and see what you can apply to your own company to enhance it’s video marketing.

Remember that any action taken is a lot better than debating and waiting for a ‘perfect time’. If you want a more in-depth analysis to how we can help you to apply them in a creative results driven way then get in touch.

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